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Executive Coaching is a unique form of dialogue that expands our capacity to transform our limiting beliefs

“The greatest discovery is that human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.” – William James


To help people to experience powerful shift in their thinking through the process of Heightening the awareness & Deepening the learning and using this emerging understanding to create a forward action.

Coaching Framework


What happened?

Expand the mind – layer the content for meaning to heighten awareness


What really matters?

Engage the thinking – stimulate reflective thinking to deepen the learning


What next?

Empower the will – Align intention with action

One of the most powerful tool of a Coach

Cumulative listening is when a coach listens carefully to what is being said by the client, identifies the information that recurs in client communication during various phases, and links them back for the client to get an insight.

In some cases the client may not even remember saying something that the coach takes note of while practicing cumulative listening.

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