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Smiling Nurse


Let the past be our learning foundation so that we may live fully today and hope for the best tomorrow.

Our dream is to put back a smile on each of their faces.


We are a wellness center to work with organizations and individuals who are facing challenges at work, marriage, sleeping, anxiety, depression, or addictions through sets of transformative techniques, professional transformative coaching, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), TimeLine Therapy (TLT), or Emotion free Technique (EFT).

We have been serving organizations and individuals from all walks of life and helped them to achieve their goals and beyond.

As our motto says, guide you through the journey, we are NOT trying to tell you what to do. However, more importantly,  we are here by your side to enlighten and explore the limits of our own and see what would happen when we step out from our “comfort zone”. Through our expertise on coaching, you will experience both excitement and new discoveries along the journey. 

By appointment only

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