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Business Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Marriage and Family Therapist

NLP Trainer 

Member of American Sleep Association

Transformative Coach – Coach Masters Academy

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – The International Coach Federation

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist – The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Registered Hypnotherapist – The American Board of Hypnotherapy
Time Line Therapy Practitioner – The Time Line Therapy™ Association 

Clinical Fellow – The Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 
Registered member – American Sleep Association

NLP & Hypnotherapy MasterTrainer – NLPIA
NLP Trainer - ANLP
Master NLP Practitioner – NLPU & ABNLP
NLP Practitioner – NLPU & ABNLP

Hero’s Journey, Generative Hypnotherapy – Dr. Stephen Gilligan
Certified hypnotherapy member – NBPES
Host Self Coaching for Success and Life Mastery – Dr. Stephen Gilligan


TV Interviews for providing emotional assistance for high school graduates in China

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